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- general info, shows and research projects.

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Akademie - academy as a selforganised temporary form of exchange, publication. 1995, ca 400 pages, ed stephan dillemuth

The Academy And The Corporate Public - an investigation into the interdependencies of art education/ art production and economisation of art. publication, 2002, ca 300 pages, ed stephan dillemuth

Corporate Rokoko - 2035 , 'Werner von Delmont-'


Lebensreform, Utopia, Bohemia, Under The Wheel - a collaborative wiki.

Die Akademie der Akademie - wiki-index of german /european academies and current developments.

K2ao - activities of a class of art students somewhere in germany.


A branch of GFLK / Galerie für Landschaftskunst Hamburg / in Bad Tölz



Selbstorganisation - Selforganisation

Published among others in: Art and Its Institutions, Edited by Nina Montmann. NIFCA and Black Dog Publishing, London 2006; Andreas Forgarasi, Kultur and Freizeit, Timar Katalin. Hungarian Pavilion Venice Biennale. Mucsarnok Kunsthalle, Budapest 2007; Art and Social Change. A Critical Reader. Will Bradley, Charles Esche. Afterall and Tate Publishing 2007; Anarchism Without Objectives. On the Work of Christopher D’Archangelo. Exhibition Catalogue for Artists Space New York. 2011; Micro-Historias Y Macro-Mundos, Vol.3. Edited by Maria Lind. 2011 Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura, 2011 and Documents of Contemporary Art. Formal Abstraction, Economic Abstraction, Social Abstraction. Edited by Maria Lind, Whitechapel gallery and MIT Press 2013

Lebensreform - Reform of Life
Research Bohemia Knowledge Control
Kunstakademien - Art Academies - Bologna Process
Corporate Rokoko
Wagnerianer und Romantiker - Wagnerians and Romantics
Friesenwall 120
Various Texts