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SURVIVAL KIT is a long-term artistic and educational experiment undertaken by students of the Athens School of Fine Art (Ανώτατη Σχολη Καλων Τεχνων) and the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München with the participation of invited artists, lecturers and institutions.

At a time when the horizon inclines under the aspects of the crises, artistic research and collaboration allow to open new perspectives.

The aim of SURVIVAL KIT is to develop a shared theoretical understanding alongside sustainable infrastructures through concrete artistic exchange, research, and practice, positing new possibilities for a common future.

The program is funded by the DAAD.

Partnerships with Greek Institutions of Higher Education 2014 - 2016






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Phase 4


PHASE 4 consisted of a two-day working conference and a week of workshops and discussions focusing on the Survival Kit publication. Designers, theorists, typographers, artists and writers presented experimental approaches to artist book making, editing and collaborative authorship at the Salong Project Space of the ADBK Munich. In the context of a group excursion to the Lenggriese Hütte the Survival Kit publication was further discussed and developed.

• YIANNIS PAPADOPOULOS Talk and Workshop: Printed Anecdote

• HANNAH BLACK Talk and Workshop: Experimental and Collaborative Artists’ Writting

• MARIA MUHLE Talk: Aesthetic Realism

• WILL HOLDER Talk and Workshop: '''An attempt to evolve ''' • HAMMAN & VON MIER Presentation and Workshop: Artist Book Design

• MARTIN SCHMIDL Workshop: Printmaking


• Exploration and application of collaborative writting, editing and publicing aproaches with input from professional practitioners

• Evaluating key experiences and learning outcomes of the Survival Kit programme and their presentation in book form

• Blue print for the Survival Kit publication and planing the concrete stages of its realization

• Establishing the Current Room a curatorial project by students presenting solo positions


Friday 15 APR ´16


Saturday 16 APR ´16

14:00-16:00 Yiannis Papadopoulos: talk and workshop

18:00-20:00 Hannah Black: talk

Sunday 17 APR ´16

14:00-16:00 Maria Muhle: talk with lots of discussing

17:00-19:00 Will Holder: talk

Monday 18 APR ´16

10:00 Hannah Black: Workshop

14:00 Will Holder: Workshop

Tuesday 19 APR ´16

11:00 Intro to typography by Mr. Schmidl

Wednesday 20 APR ´16

11:00 Hammann&Von Mier?: Presentation and discussion about the forthcoming publication

14:30 Silkscreen Workshop

Thursday 21 APR ´16

Friday 22 APR ´16

Exkursion to Walhalla

Saturday 23 APR ´16

12:00 Exkursion to Bad Toelz

16:00 Meeting in Lengriess to walk to the hut

Sunday 24 APR ´16

10:00 Walk to Bad Wiesee

Monday 25 APR ´16

17:30 Discussion at ADBK about future plans

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