F.A. Lores @ Vilma Gold Gallery, London, Sept 2007
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F.A. Lores
Art Club 2000, Dennis Balk, Lizzi Bougatsos, G.R.E.A.D; (Emily Katrencik, David Karlin & Patterson Beckwith), Rosalie Knox and Daniel McDonald
Invited by Stephan Dillemuth and Nils Norman

Vilma Gold is pleased to present a new installation and video collaboration by Stephan Dillemuth and Nils Norman, and a special exhibition of NYC artists closely associated with the dealer Colin Deland and his legendary New York gallery American Fine Arts. Co. Ltd. Both exhibitions will run from 7th –30th September.

Alongside their exhibition Dillemuth and Norman have invited some of the key figures involved in American Fine Arts, Co, Ltd where they both exhibited. American Fine Arts. Co. Ltd was founded and run by the late Colin Deland in New York City, from 1984-2004. The invited artists all played an important role in the daily life of the gallery –behind the scenes and in the exhibitions that made American Fine Arts such an important and vital space. The gallery created a platform for some of the most influential artist’s of the 1990s – developing a space that supported and championed critical, context-specific, political and conceptual art.

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