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Title Material Inches H x W x L Remarks



'American Flag' AFA flag in perspex box 35 x 54 x 5  
'Map of Germany' Monoprint on blue Canvas 143 x 194 x 2 1/2  
Museum Stage white chipboard 24 1/2 x 168 x 120  
'Space Under Museum' space under the stage contains: 2 movers blankets, 1 flyer 'MOMA employees on strike, 1 poster guerrilla girls 'Code Of Ethics For Art Museums', 28 fotos of picketers in front of MOMA (taken by J. Pryde), 1 'Open Letter to MOMA' taken from TIME OUT and signed byM. Richardson, G. James, A.Fraser, S. Dillemuth   accessable through back of stage
'Trunk' chickenwire H 47 Ø 19  
'Zeus' coppertubing on plinth ca. 75 x 45 x 45
tubing Ø 3/4
plinth 32 x 16 x 20
'Narcissus' aluminum ca. 41 x 34  
'Sphere' aluminum paint on plaster, cardboard and gauze ca, Ø 37  



Salon Acrylic on Wall    
Gallery Stage Chipboard and silver PVC

bottom Ø 122 H 6
top Ø 80 H 128

'soofcont' silver paint on plastic owl Ø 8 H 16 10 ex
Josef Strau
fiery print with drawing and handwriting in frameless frame 24 x 18 Poster for video 'The Inheritage'
Nils Norman, Conrad Brock Enright fiery print   Poster for their performance
Geoffrey Garrison, Mathew Turber fotocopy 11 x 8 1/2 Flyer for 'Seance and Photo-up
Ken Okiishi,
Nick Mauss
fotocopy 17 x 11 Poster for workshop
Eivind Slettemeas blackboard and chalk 18 x 24 'Todays Specials', Text taken from IKEA catalog
Werner von Delmont foto in perspex frame and fotocopy

10 x 8 and 11 x 8 1/2

Document from Hoxton Hall, London and flyer for performance at AFA
Josephine Pryde fiery print 18 x 24 Poster for performance of 'The Bear, The Duck And The Oyster'
Anna Gudmundsdottir 3 drawings 6 x 9 each  

Nils Norman


fiery print 24 x 18 'Dr Krenslove In Trouble'
Nils Norman fiery print 18 x 24 'Public Museum'
Nils Norman fiery print 18 x 24 'Ye Olde Gallery'
Jutta Koether drawing and collage on black paper 8 x 8 original for flyer of her performance at AFA
Gardar Einarsson laser print 23 x 36 Poster for NY Hardcore
Workshop 7 T-Shirts M, L, XL Tie-Dye with Rosalie Knox



'Wing' acrylic on paper 131 x 100  
'The so-called enlightened age' I fotocopy on transparent sheet 8 1/2 x 11  
'The so-called enlightened age' II acrylic on canvas 37 x 56 taken from stretcher
'The so-called enlightened age' III 3/4 copper tubing 36 x 60 x 34  
Gardar Einarsson fotocopied publication 11 x 8 1/2 'Hardcore, Selforganisation And Alternativity'
Josephine Pryde VHS Video   'The Bear, The Duck And The Oyster' performed at the Witte De Witt, Rotterdam
Josef Strau VHS Video   'The Inheritage'
Josephine Pryde clay, paint Ø 13 1/2  




Cardboard, Marker, Chipboard, Wheels

60 x 29 x 32 designed by Patterson Beckwith, it contains the following items:
Cinderella socks 12 socks and felt S, M, L, XL produced by puppet workshop
Academy T-Shirt 8 T-shirts L, XL produced by Rosalie Knox workshop
Script for Cinderella print on paper 10 x 15 published by Pollock's Toy Theatre 1972
  1 fotocopy 8 x 12 Old Print that shows a lecturn and an owl
  1 fotocopy 12 x 8 Outhouse on stage designed by George Grosz
  TV, VCR, Chair   equipped by AFA
Rosalie Knox 2 VHS   excerpts from her TV-show 'Good Luck Gallion'
Saint Reverend Jen 2 VHS  

'Toolz of the New School'

'Steelbound', workers theatre 1 VHS   Alison Carey in collaboration with the Cornerstone Theatre Company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
'Steelbound' 1 VHS   TV Report in EGG, Channel 13, about 'Steelbound'
'Vaudeville' 1 VHS   The History of Vaudeville, interviews and original documents